Kristen Stewart Is All Of Us Adjusting To A New Haircut

Kristen Stewart shocked the world this week when she debuted her brand new hair, that took her from long and dark brown to a bleach blonde buzzcut.
It's not just the visible change that takes some getting used to, though. As anyone who has had a drastic hair transformation knows, remembering you've gotten rid of all that hair is part of the process. That's probably why Stewart can't stop trying to push back her hair. You know, the hair she no longer has.
When Stewart appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she talked about how much trouble she was having keeping her hands out of her non-existent hair.
"It was always something that, like, I couldn't stop touching and I thought that would stop once this happened," she said. "But now I'm always just like — I just rub it instead of pushing it back."
On the red carpet this week, Stewart was caught trying to push back her luscious locks, only to realize that they're not there. Old habits sure do die hard. Especially, since it was Stewart's go-to move for a while there.
Not 30 seconds after her first attempt at running her fingers through her hair, she went to do it again only to realize it was all gone. It's cute af to watch her to realize once again that hair is long gone.
With her adorable and kind of awkward pawing at her new hair cut, Stewart is all of us. She's probably also working through the shower adjustment, too. You know, where you go to wash your hair, put a huge glob of shampoo in your hands, and discover that all that hair is gonzo.
The hair is for a role in the upcoming movie Underwater, where she'll play a mechanical engineer who works on an oil rig on the ocean floor, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suit her perfectly. The punk rock aesthetic is a natural fit for Stewart's, edgy, casual vibe. In fact, I've already forgotten what she looked like before. Work it, girl.

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