Beyoncé Wore The Most Epic Hairstyle To Serena Williams' Wedding

When attending a traditional wedding, there is one cardinal rule that every guest must follow: For the love of God, do not wear white. This unspoken custom has been in place since the late 19th century, when England's Queen Victoria established the royal decree that white was only to be worn by the bride, to ensure that she not be upstaged by any of the other commoners in attendance. (As in, anyone who was there for any reason other than to marry their first cousin.)
But the last of the Hanover monarchs didn't say anything about risking distracting from the holy union with hair so long, it practically brushes your knees. So Beyoncé, modern royalty herself, wasn't technically breaking any rules when she graced the fairytale-themed nuptials of her good friend Serena Williams (to Reddit cofounder and "Mayor of the Internet" Alexis Ohanian) in New Orleans on Thursday with her hair styled in long blonde curls, all the way down to her famously toned thighs.

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The star shared a series of photos to Instagram showing off the extreme length in all its glory, because you don't go out looking like that and not take at least 100 pictures. With the rest of her look relatively low-key (by Beyoncé standards, that is) in a slinky forest-green dress and Champagne-colored stilettos, the star's not-so-simple ponytail made a major statement.
Had this been an ordinary reception Bey was attending, the extreme 'do might have seemed just a little over-the-top — but not even one of the world's richest female celebrities rocking Rapunzel-length curls could possibly overshadow a wedding that was epic in every sense of the word. The McQueen dress! The gilded tennis-trophy decor! The guest list! Nope, Williams was not about to be outdone by any other queen on her big day. Not even Beyoncé.
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