The Secret Behind Meagan Good's Goddess Locs

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Meagan Good has starred in plenty of iconic movies over the years, but a personal favorite is her role in 2004's You Got Served. (Do not act like you haven't binged the B2K movie at least once.) She played the role of Beautifull, and made sure that other characters knew it was spelled with two Ls. At last night's premiere of The Star, the actress wore a hairstyle worthy of both letters: a fresh set of blonde goddess locs, done by stylist Dr. Kari Williams (who you may recognize from our latest Skin Deep video).
Dr. Williams and Good have worked together since 2015, but this appointment was a little different. The actress sat in the Mahogany Revolution salon owner's chair and had one request: to make her hair look like Lisa Bonet's. "She was so passionate and convinced that I could do it, but I told her it literally wasn’t possible," Dr. Williams tells us. "That's Lisa Bonet’s natural hair!" After the conversation, the board-certified trichologist sent up a prayer for a vision — and a way to satisfy her customer. Luckily, she woke up the next morning with a plan.
Before we dive in, let's start with a brief primer on goddess locs. They're created with human hair, are lighter and look more like authentic, natural locs, Dr. Williams reports. Traditional faux locs, on the other hand, are created with synthetic hair, are heavier, and have a shiny, silkier look, she adds. You can either wrap the synthetic hair around your own small sections of hair or wrap it around individual braids.
So how did she pull it off? For Good's blonde locs, the pro used two textures of hair, including a European wave. "The wavy ends distinguish goddess locs from faux locs," she explains. To create the loc, she attached a base piece of hair to the braid, and created a two-strand twist which provided the cylinder shape. Dr. Williams says that the twist should be wrapped from scalp to end, but don't wrap the end itself — you want it to be loose and wavy. Regarding the color, Good has worn black and dark brown locs many times over the years, so they chose to go blonde simply because it highlights her complexion.
Although there are plenty of tutorials on the 'net, Dr. Williams suggests grabbing a friend (or, even better, hiring a professional) to assist. It might be hard work, but the payoff is awesome — the lightweight and versatile style lasts for four months, especially if you touch it up every six to eight weeks. Plus, you can shampoo your hair, too. "If it's all human hair you can apply your natural hair oils and spray daily to take care of everything underneath," Dr. Williams says. Realistic-looking locs that give you healthier hair? Oh, it's a Beautifull thing.
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