You Won't Believe How Much Kim Kardashian's New Perfume Made In 24 Hours

Remember sifting through a magazine, just waiting to get to the page that had a sample of Tom Ford or Gucci fragrance so you could peel it back and sniff? Those were the days. We say that in the past tense, because while perfume swatches still line the pages of magazines, now there's something else entirely driving people to buy it. Today, it's all about Instagram marketing.
Case and point: Kim Kardashian West's new perfumes — which, according to TMZ, sold a whopping $10 million dollars-worth in just 24 hours. More interestingly, these sales number didn't come through billboard ads, extravagant launch parties, or sample scents tucked inside the latest issue of Vogue — it was all in the KKW name. That's right: $10 million in sales before anyone even caught a whiff of the perfume.
If you haven't seen the scents yet, you should. Packaging-wise, the three opaque quartz crystal fragrance bottles are unlike any we've seen on the market. Inspired by the healing crystals gifted to KKW as a way to help clear her mind after the horrifying Paris robbery last year, crystals were the clear motivation for the packaging. And the three scents Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus were inspired by the smell of the flowers her late father (Robert Kardashian) brought home from business trips.
Whether it's the sentiment behind the scents, the appeal of the slightly-frosted bottles, the practical price point ($60 for a full-sized bottle), or just the KKW name — consider this yet another example of the Kardashian's massive influence.
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