Emily Blunt & John Krasinski's New Horror Film Is Already Freaking Us Out

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
Low-key couple Emily Blunt and John Kraskinski haven't starred in a film together yet, but that's about to change. The pair are set to star in A Quiet Place, a horror film packed with suspense and supernatural beings.
The trailer shows us a couple played by Blunt and Krasinski, leading a quiet life on a family farm with their two children. Quiet being the key. The family speaks only in sign language, walk through the woods on spots of sand to quiet their footsteps, tiptoe through their own house, and play quiet games with felt and dominos. Although their clothes seem modern, their life is not. We're shown massive claw marks on the walls.
And it all takes a dramatic turn when one of the children knocks over a lamp, starting a small fire. And with a crash, their quiet place is turned into a house of horror with loud banging from outside and upstairs, lights turning on and off, all while Blunt and Krasinski's characters struggle to save their family and themselves.
For this project, Krasinksi has taken on the roles of director and writer as well as actor. Blunt will remains in front of the camera, making looking terrified look extremely natural.
The couple previously starred together in the 2011 film The Muppets, but shared no scenes.
The pair has been making major moves lately, putting their gorgeous 1909 townhouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn, up for sale in September. The house is listed through Corcoran and the asking price is $8 million, though they just bought it last year for $6 million and spent $300,000 on renovations. They've reportedly said they don't spend enough time in the home, which isn't surprising for two busy actors.
Paramount Pictures will debut A Quiet Place on Apr. 6, 2018. Watch the teaser trailer below.

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