You've Never Seen A Bath Bomb That Looks Like This Before

There's a hit of nostalgia that comes every time you drop a bath bomb into the tub. Unless you're soaking in a bath steeped with weed or hopping into one with Chuckie's face melting into a mountain of bubbles (which definitely has its appeal in some circles), the glittery, fizzy globes make for a little kid's bath-time dream. Especially when they come in the shape of a castle bigger than Barbie's Dream House.
That's right — it's a thing that actually exists: Dollar Bath Bombs makes a giant multi-colored castle bath bomb that weighs over five pounds and smells like sugary cotton candy.
Insider found out how it's made — and it's truly a work of art. The formulation starts with a secret bath bomb base, then the color is added in — bright blue, Barbie pink, and royal purple fill the castle. Essential oils and cotton candy-scented fragrance are churned in, along with citric acid (the secret weapon that makes the bath bomb fizz when it hits the water), and that mixture is pressed into a castle mold. When the mold is popped off, you get the craziest, most regal bath bomb you've ever imagined.
Unfortunately, it's not yet for sale on the Dollar Bath Bombs site, but we're keeping tabs on when the brand adds it to the lineup. Hopefully, it comes before the holidays, just in time to make us the favorite relative of all the kids in our family and treat ourselves like royalty. Hell, we might just put a tiara on with our birthday suit, too.
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