THIS Is How Faith Hill's Makeup Artist Makes Her Legs Look So Good

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images.
Most people couldn’t name the 2012 Academy Award winner for Best Picture off the top of their head if their life depended on it, but everyone remembers the real star of the night: Angelina Jolie’s right leg.
The Leg, as it soon became known, was instantly iconic; it spawned its very own Twitter account shortly after its first appearance on the red carpet before fading from the spotlight and rejoining the left leg in relative anonymity as quickly as it came. But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, The Leg has emerged again. Only this time, it’s attached to Faith Hill.
All eyes were on Hill at last night’s CMA Awards, when she stepped on stage to perform her new single “The Rest of Our Life” alongside husband Tim McGraw. It wasn’t just the floor-length red dress that had heads turning, or the singer’s legendary pipes, for that matter. Rather, fans could not look away from her protruding right leg à la Jolie.
And for good reason: The Leg 2.0 gleamed with the light of a thousand suns — or, as makeup artist Francesca Tolot confirmed exclusively to us, a generous application of Wonderskin Skin Perfected Body Foundation. "I needed a product that would give flawless coverage and illuminate the skin, and it definitely had to be transfer-free," Tolot said, of how she chose her tool to create the most talked-about moment of the evening.
Glistening legs? $29.25. Lanvin gown? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,000, give or take. The voice of an angel and the elegance and poise to make a rogue limb, pivoted out just so, look natural? Priceless.
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