Millie Bobby Brown Narrated Her Long-Lost Sister's Hair Transformation

The second season of Stranger Things was full of unexpected twists and turns, from the discovery of the phone-tapping scheme to the surprisingly touching reunion of Dustin and Dart. (We hate to say it, but we saw Bob’s fate coming from a mile — well, seven-and-a-half episodes — away.) However, some of the most shocking revelations from the series actually came after the credits rolled, when the show’s hairstylist, Sarah Hindsgaul, blew our minds by telling us all about the over 150 wigs used on set. So. Many. Wigs.
But while it took extensions to give Will his sleek, flawless bowl cut and a hairpiece to recreate Hopper’s ‘do (after actor David Harbour took it upon himself to shave his hair into a mohawk), there was one star who fully committed to their character’s look with a major IRL haircut: actress Linnea Berthelsen, better known as Eleven’s long-lost “sister” Kali.
The series newcomer posted a video to Instagram yesterday that shows her sitting in Hindsgaul’s hair for that epic undercut — and who better to narrate the clip than Millie Bobby Brown, who went for the full buzz herself at the start of the first season?
As Hindsgaul told us, the side-shave represents more than just Kali’s punk aesthetic: It’s a holdover from her time as 008 in the Hawkins Lab, when she, like Eleven (or should we call her Jane?), went through years of having her hair shaved off by scientists. “She’s keeping her hair [partially shaved] to keep her anger and hatred alive,” the pro said. “That’s why we did that — it’s a reminder for what they did to her.”
Clearly, Berthelson's process of getting into the character's mind involved clippers and a leap of faith — and, as she confessed in the video, having short hair for the first time since she was six.
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