Drake Is Buying Himself A $160,000 Harry Potter Book For His Birthday

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Drake, the enigmatic rapper best known for dancing in a turtleneck and maybe dating Jennifer Lopez for a minute, has a thing for Harry Potter. Drake told The Hollywood Reporter that he plans on purchasing the first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which THR notes will cost $160,000. He's been planning this purchase for four years. (Previously, the book wasn't available for purchase.)
He added that he's "read them all" — all the books, that is — and he'll probably get the book for his birthday. (Drake's birthday was on October 24. He turned 31.) Writer Tatiana Siegel told Drake in the interview that she's reading the books to her kids, to which Drake responds, "What book are you on?"
Drake has always been up front about his Harry Potter obsession. In 2014, he Instagrammed a photoshopped picture of himself as "Drake-o" Malfoy.
"Me at Hogwarts scheming on Hermoine #DrakeOMalfoy#CantStandMuggles," he wrote in the caption. (One hopes he doesn't actually hate muggles.)

Me at Hogwarts scheming on Hermoine #DrakeOMalfoy #CantStandMuggles

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This all seems to be a part of an effort on Drake's part to get involved in film and television again. The piece in THR notes that Drake was offered a cameo role in season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale. The title of the story is "Drakes Hotline to Hollywood," a reference to his 2016 song "Hotline Bling," and perhaps offers insight into Drake's upcoming plans.
Drake explained that he wants to demonstrate that he has range and show he's more than a musician. "I try to show it through different outlets, like Saturday Night Live, showing people that I can be funny," he said. "When I get back into acting, I want to do things that make people go, 'Wow, I didn't expect that.'"
Of course, Drake got his start acting. He appeared in the teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. There is a generation of pop culture consumers that will forever know him as Jimmy Brooks.
Although, who knows? Harry Potter will inevitably get the reboot treatment in another, say, ten years. What if Drake plays Lucius Malfoy? The future is an exciting unwoven tapestry.
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