Sarah Hyland Wants Everyone To Stop Surgery-Shaming Taylor Swift

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This Modern Family star is no longer sitting quietly by while the press shames her friends.
The ever-outspoken Sarah Hyland, who previously opened up about receiving a kidney transplant in 2012, recently called out a magazine that suggested she received plastic surgery. In the scathing post, Hyland stated that her difference in appearance was due to side effects of "life-saving" steroids — and that, even if it was not, it was none of the magazine's business anyway.
Now, in a new tweet, Hyland is standing up for pal Taylor Swift, who also is at the center of plastic surgery rumors.
Hyland's shut down of body-bashing came from a Life & Style tweet which suggested that the "...Ready For It" singer received a breast augmentation, noting her bustier appearance in her new music video. Hyland, who, in 2014 told People that Swift was a "true friend", was not here for it.
"CAN YOU FUCKING STOP?!?! Let's empower women instead of judging their looks. There's more to us than that. Guess you can't teach stupid..."
This wasn't the first time this month that Hyland had Swift's back. She tweeted lyrics to the singer's latest single "Call It What You Want" followed by plenty of praise hands and heart-eye emojis.
Obviously, Hyland was coming through for a friend — but she also was reminding the world that women are more than their bodies. She didn't state that Swift didn't get plastic surgery, because even if she did (which Swift has not commented about), there would be no shame in that. What's really shameful is how people are so quick to make a woman's appearance news — even when that woman is, say, releasing a new album on Friday, and clearly has bigger things going on in her life.
For anyone else considering commenting on a celebrity's specific body part, well, you've been warned: Hyland has not come to play.
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