Is Dean Trying To Make A Bachelor In Paradise Coupling Happen With Ashley I?

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/WireImage.
On Halloween Dean Unglert dressed up in a couple's Halloween costume with a fellow Bachelor In Paradise castmate, but it wasn't the one you might have expected. Turns out, Dean's heart will go on, but it might not be for Kristina Schulman. Instead, it might be for the real Rose to his Jack: Ashley Iaconetti.
"Found these photos in a locker at the bottom of the ocean during my last expedition to the Titanic wreckage," Ashley captioned a Instagram of the two looking like they were straight out of the movie Titanic. "They were taken just hours before the sinking. Looks like there was a real party beforehand."
Turns out, the two didn't just dress like Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) — that Heart of the Ocean necklace is a nice touch — they also danced like them. Why yes, that is Ashley doing a little Irish jig next to Dean and no, we do not fault Ashley for not trying to recreate Rose's iconic toe stand. Does she want to break a toe?
It's that final shot, though, of the two spinning around and around, that stuck out to us. You know, the one where the two are looking pretty cozy, one might even say couple-y. It's these photos that have Bachelor Nation wondering if there's a new couple in their midst.
Now, the question of whether Dean and Ashley are dating is a persistent one being that the two are friends who constantly show up in one another's Instagram feed. Ashley even posted a photo of her snuggling up with Dean after BiP ended. "Everybody makes mistakes," she wrote. "Giving my little @deanie_babies a hug. He made some bad moves in paradise, but few people can make me smile and laugh like he does. He’s one of the warmest people I’ve ever met."
Dean also showed up on Ashley's podcast with The Bachelor's Ben Higgins, who she was also rumored to be dating. Something about a couple's costume, though, has people wondering if they're finally, well, a couple.
For now, we'll have to continue wondering since neither has said anything in regards to these Halloween photos. Dean didn't even post these shots to his own Instagram. This was also just one of Ashely's Halloween looks, which included a spot-on recreation of Taylor Swift's "Look At What You Made Me Do" look and Jasmine from Aladdin. The caption on that one being: "I don't need no Aladdin." Maybe a Dean though?
Anyone who hopes that's the case may want to Like this fan's comment, which proposes the two could be dating if Ashley would just read the signs. Or, maybe just listen to her podcast. "@ashley_iaconetti remember what dean said in the podcast?" a fan commented. "He will literally be best friends with a girl until she is comfortable enough to ask him out. I think he said that for a reason, just sayin'"
They may have a point, Ashley. Just sayin'.
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