Lili Reinhart Is Already BFFs With Her Riverdale Brother

Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
We may not have seen Betty's brother yet on the second season of Riverdale, but it looks like Lili Reinhart is building a solid bond with her on-screen sibling.
Reinhart recently offered fans a sneak peak behind-the-scenes on her Instagram story of her on-screen brother, and we must say, the casting department did a great job and finding someone who looks like he could actually be her brother. The actress' Instagram story was full of cute sibling-bonding moments on set. There's one photo of them in the trailer as Denton gets his makeup done.
Another showing the two of them together with the caption, "The only one who loves raw cookie dough as much as I do." Later Reinhart shares a photo of her character's long-lost brother enjoying chocolate pudding. We want to get in on this. Is it too late for them to add a fourth sibling?
Photo: Courtesy of @lilireinhart.
Photo: Courtesy of @lilireinhart.
Photo: Courtesy of @lilireinhart.
The internet was left to wonder at the end of season one when Betty's brother, who we now know is named Chic, was first mentioned. Alice, the matriarch of the Cooper family, played by Madchen Amick, revealed that like her daughter Polly, she had a baby while in high school. Unlike Polly, who plans to keep her twins, Alice gave up her son for adoption. While we may not know what to expect from the rest of the second season, or how the mysterious third Cooper sibling will fit in, we do know that Reinhart and Hart Denton, the actor cast in the role, are fast friends.
Whatever Denton's involvement may be in the second season, he is rumored to appear mid-season, we hope that the Cooper siblings are as close as the actors are in real life. Given everything we know about Riverdale though, this seems unlikely.
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