You Need To See Pennywise Photobombing This Couple's Engagement Photos

Not content with just scaring kids and giving everyone nightmares, Pennywise seems to have found himself a very 2017 side gig. The Wrap reports that after the pesky banishment he endured in this year's remake of the Stephen King classic, It, the creepy clown is lending an air of foreboding to one couple's engagement photos.
Jesse McLaren is the guy behind the prank, which came about after his sister asked him for help with her pics. He seemed happy to oblige, but took it upon himself to add a little something sinister after the fact: Nobody asked for it, but McLaren added Pennywise to the background of every single shot.
"My sister asked me to shoot her engagement pics so I hid Pennywise the Clown in every photo," he captioned the photos on Twitter. "Countdown until she notices."
Fortunately, McLaren also strategically cropped the engagement photos so that the bride-to-be and future groom can't be identified and become viral sensations themselves, but Pennywise is clearly leering out in every shot.
Naturally, the internet is loving the spooky addition, with the photoset earning over 30,000 Likes. There's no telling whether or not his sister or her fiancé are fans of the film or even of horror in general, but who doesn't love a little something extra?
Here's hoping that McLaren will offer up some update as to how his sister took the unexpected Photoshop job. Until then, Pennywise has been keeping busy by popping up in other unexpected places: In addition to raking it in at the box office with $650 million in ticket sales worldwide, the newly minted superstar has been headlining sexual fantasies and dancing to Taylor Swift hits.
Don't be surprised if a new Pinterest trend involving spooky engagement photos emerges from this. Pennywise sure beats Mason jars and wildflowers.
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