It's Pennywise Is Fall's Most Unexpected Bae

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Thanks to a worldwide gross of over $572 million, just about everyone is familiar with It's scary clown, Pennywise. Fans know that behind the creepy facade, there's a very attractive Skarsgard, but there's a brand-new phenomenon happening that may be as unexpected as the film's amazing success. According to the Daily Dot, plenty of folks have confessed to having sexual fantasies about Pennywise.
The Tumblr account Your Darkest Desires (NSFW and trigger warnings, so click at your own risk) offers up a safe space for fans of Pennywise to express their desires, whether they lean sexual — sometimes explicitly so — or are more about a sort of sewer-bound companionship, they're all there. There's even some G-rated love for Pennywise.
The Daily Dot notes that Pennywise' male scary clown form is just one of many, since his true shape isn't revealed in the film. Regardless, fans are coming up with their own fantasies involving some of the character's most recognizable identifiers. From his sewer home base to his floaty words of warning and even his less-than-savory demeanor, everything about Pennywise seems to draw some attraction to one person or another.
While there are some instances of gay attraction to the clown, the Daily Dot mentions that most of the submissions come from cis women. Of course, the page has garnered some negative attention, but there's nothing that sets this particular Halloween-appropriate fantasy apart from other porny pop-culture parodies. From Game of Thrones porn remakes to sexy Pokémon fanfic, a quick trip to PornHub shows that just about every roleplaying scenario has its own cadre of fans.
So, while plenty of people would run away in abject terror if they happened upon Pennywise, there are people who would gladly descend right into the sewer with him, too.
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