Ellen DeGeneres Just Met This Viral Makeup Artist — & Things Got Real Weird

These days, nothing really surprises on Instagram anymore. 100 layers of foundation? Yawn. Curling your hair with Cheetos? Pass. Blending your makeup with a dildo? Seriously, nobody asked for that. But there's one artist who continues to shock and delight us — and that person is Dain Yoon. The illusion artist uses her body as a canvas, and has us seeing double with her realistic paintings of eyes and lips on her face.
Yoon, who lives in Seoul, traveled to the states this week to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On stage, she wore a dizzying makeup look with four extra eyes and two extra lips painted on her forehead and cheeks. The amount of detail and intricacy in the design made it look like her face had popped out of an IRL funhouse mirror. "I'm not sure where to look," said DeGeneres, speaking for all of us.
DeGeneres then asked the question we all want answered: "Do you go into bars and try to freak people out?" Yoon didn't take the bait, but she did admit that her makeup did made a baby cry once.
And the body art doesn't stop with her face. Yoon brought it to another level with her nails, painting her own face (with different expressions, of course) on each finger. And for added drama, she added bits of her own hair. "It's really uncomfortable... I cannot eat any noodles," she laughed. "You can't really complain if there's hair in your food at a restaurant," DeGeneres added.
Part creepy, part impressive — there's a lot going on here. And now we're just left wondering — what's going on with her toenails?
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