You Can Now Curl Your Hair With One Of Your Favorite Snacks

It appears that the next head-scratching YouTube beauty trend has arrived. During the past month, beauty vloggers have taken to curling their hair with weirder and weirder objects, begging the same question we had about the 100 Layers craze: Why?! It started with dish sponges, then moved on to marshmallows. Now, vlogger Bunny Meyer, known as Grav3yardgirl, has upped the ante by using Cheetos to curl her hair. We suppose it makes sense: Cheetos Puffs are shaped like stubbier versions of Clairol Benders, the heat-activated, flexible curlers popular in the '80s. But need we state the obvious? They’re covered in bright-orange “cheese” dust. How will this technique not result in hair as orange as your fingers post-cheesy puffs? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Near the three-minute mark, Meyer begins to roll her hair around the puffy snacks, addressing several of our concerns. Among the not-so-great outcomes: After drying her hair on alternating warm and cool settings for 40 or so minutes, it smelled mighty cheesy. Or, in Meyer's words, “The heated smell of Cheetos is not the most delightful thing you will ever smell in your life.” We can only imagine. (Our guess? It reeks — and is right up there with fried chicken-scented sunscreen.) She also contended with major cheese-dust fallout on her clothes. Plus, once rolled and pinned in place, the Cheetos touching her neck, ears, and forehead made the skin “very itchy.” The complete process took three hours. We’ve gotten tattoos in less time. But here’s the shocker: It seemed to yield more positive results than we would have guessed. Meyer emerged with springy ringlet curls to rival Shirley Temple's. What’s more, she reported that her hair post-curl felt nourished and soft. “Must be the grease from the Cheeto chips,” she resolved. And unlike marshmallows, the nuclear-colored Cheetos can withstand hairdryer heat without melting. The concept for this out-there experiment came via user suggestion, after the vlogger completed the curl-your-hair-with-marshmallows challenge. And she doesn't plan on stopping the experiments. As with the last video, she has asked for fresh ideas. And, oh, how the suggestions have rolled in. Current top contenders: hot dogs, pickles, mozzarella sticks, tampons, dildos — we’ll stop there. Hey, none of the suggestions seem that far out of reach. After all, the internet loves randomness. And if beauty vlogging has taught us anything, it's that we'll see even more oddball curling clips in the next few weeks. Because the secret to collecting millions of likes is a lot like picking The Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps” as the song to figure skate to. As Chazz in Blades of Glory says, “No one knows what it means, but it's provocative... It gets the people going.”

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