We Did The Math & E.L.F. Is Now Selling Eyeshadow For 15 Cents

These days, finding an eyeshadow palette that's affordably priced and high quality isn't that hard of a task. While some of the best finds are worth a visit to the closest drugstore, the average palette looks about the same: 12 shadows — 15 max — and a distinct color theme. If you want anything with more than a handful of shades, you normally have to wait for the holidays, or get yourself a Z-palette. Luckily, E.L.F. just launched a palette so big — and so cheap — you'll think you've died and reached eye shadow nirvana. Enter: E.L.F.'s Endless Eyes Palette.
The 100-pan eyeshadow palette includes dozens and dozens of neutral hues that could rival even your favorite Naked Palette. Besides the full spectrum of earth tones, you'll also find a healthy dose of blues, reds, and every jewel-toned shade possible. But here's the difference between this and the fancy splurge that sells out at Sephora weekly: This includes enough shades to last you two lifetimes and costs less than $20.
Other versions of the set have launched in the past, but nothing quite this inclusive. If you're looking for a shimmer shadow, matte finish, or satin sweep of Champagne across your brow bone, you've got it. Oh, and the formula texture could compete with even the top-rated favorites that would set you back $40.
If you're already constructing your wish lists for the holidays, we suggest you add this — and pick up two for each of your BFFs. With colors this bold, you won't have to worry about wearing the same look twice this season.
E.L.F. Endless Eyes 100 Color Palette, $15, available at E.L.F.
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