The Internet's Favorite Beauty Company Is About To Change The Foundation Game

Comparing a beauty brand’s rabid following to the Beatlemania frenzy might seem like a non-sequitur at first blush, but consider this: 25,000 people put their names on the waitlist to be first in line when then-under-the-radar affordable skin-care purveyor The Ordinary announced that it would be adding foundation to its already robust collection earlier this year, and 25,000 people attended The Beatles’ last-ever live performance in San Francisco in 1966. Coincidence, or a harbinger of what’s to come for a company that’s about to make it very, very big? Hard to say.
Regardless, the overwhelming popularity of the foundation launch (literally — the warehouse was flooded with more than 250,000 orders in the first week, causing them to run out of pumps for the bottles of product) was definitely a catalyst for what’s coming up next: Deciem, The Ordinary’s parent company, revealed via Instagram that its latest innovation is expected to arrive in December. Yes, it’s another foundation, but it’s not just any foundation. It’s Watercolours.
As the brand confessed in the caption, the name of the product is really more of a misnomer. “It’s all admittedly very misleading because they are technically thinner than water,” it says. The video clip accompanying the announcement shows the Watercolours in action, flowing like a waterfall, drizzling like rain, and what looks a lot like boiling on the stovetop. But water, they are not — rather, they’re “oil-free, silicone-free skin tints that look super natural” and come in both matte and dewy finishes, and we are totally down for that.
Even better, if the shade ranges we’ve seen from the Serum and Coverage Foundations are any indication, we can expect a pretty decent selection (not to mention the price point) from the newcomers, too — which means you better start asking everyone on your holiday list for their usual shade. The latest and greatest in lightweight foundation is a much more exciting stocking stuffer than a pair of socks and a roll of peppermint Life Savers, don't you think?
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