Your Favorite Girls Character Is Writing A Book

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Courtesy of HBO.
After stealing just about every scene that he appeared in during his run on Girls, Andrew Rannells is setting his sights on the bestsellers list.
According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor, singer, dancer, and writer is working on a book scheduled to be released in 2019.
EW reports that the book will be an autobiography that takes Rannells' fans through his early life as a young gay man in the Midwest through to his struggles to get into the world of Broadway and theater.
"This is by far the most personal project I have ever worked on," Rannells said in a statement. "Being an author has always been a dream of mine and I am incredibly honored to be given this opportunity. I am excited to share these stories and I will try my absolute best not to embarrass my family. Too badly."
Rannells' statement adds that he'll take a candid and lighthearted approach to the project, especially since his early days included what he describes as an "embarrassing" experience with dinner theater and equally embarrassing auditions.
Matt Inman, the book's editor, explained that Rannells' experiences before landing on Girls and finding success on Broadway (with Hairspray, Book of Mormon, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Hamilton on his résumé along with Pokémon Live!, which he would probably rather forget) will be a huge part of the book.
"His story will resonate with anyone who has chased a dream against all odds, and at times, all reason," Inman said. "But it is his insight into the ways we shape our lives and identities in our 20s — the pasts we leave behind, the new homes we make, the makeshift families we create, and the passions we won't let anyone extinguish — that will linger with readers long after this book ends."
Between now and 2019, Rannells fans will have to make due with the actor's work on stage and his upcoming appearance on Will & Grace.
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