Fans Think Louis Tomlinson Wrote A Song About Harry Styles

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Another day, another bizarre fan theory that suggests Louis Tomlinson is secretly in love with Harry Styles.
This time, fans are convinced that Tomlinson's new track, "Just Like You," is really about the former One Direction bandmate Styles.
I, umm...need more convincing.
Following the announcement that One Direction was going on indefinite hiatus in January of 2016, the former boy banders went their separate ways in order to build their own solo careers. Alas, some people are all too convinced that, in the many months since the band separated, Tomlinson has been pining over Styles.
On Thursday, Tomlinson dropped his track "Just Like You," and it took approximately two seconds for Twitter to start interpreting the lyrics as evidence that the Larry ship is real.
These tweets come just months after Styles released his song "Sweet Creature," which prompted Larry shippers to convince themselves that the track was secretly about Tomlinson. Alas, it is most definitely not, Styles confirmed to 106.1 BLI.
"I think if you really listen to the lyrics, I think you can work out if it's really about [Tomlinson] or not. And I would lean towards no." Styles said about "Sweet Creature" during a radio interview with 106.1 BLI.
As for what Tomlinson's "Just Like You" is really about, the new dad's lyrics seem to be addressing his life as a pop star, and the false narratives created about him.
"It's the guy from the one band/Cigarette in my left hand/Whole world in my right hand/25 and it's all planned/Night out and it's 10 grand/Headlines that I can't stand," sings the former One Direction member in the song.
The lyrics go on to discuss the sleepless nights and partying lifestyle, which One Direction member Liam Payne recently discussed in an interview with The Telegraph.
"But you only get half of the story/The cash and the cars, and the glory/No sleep and we party 'till morning/'Cause nobody cares when you're boring."
With lyrics like that, I think it's pretty obvious what "Just Like You" is about — and, umm, it's not Tomlinson's "secret love," Styles.

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