Kim Kardashian's Grandma Admits She Doesn't Even Know Who Is Pregnant

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
It's the worst-kept secret in pop culture next to those rumors of Jon Snow's resurrection from the dead. I mean, come on. Lots of reputable outlets have confirmed that Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are pregnant, and Kim herself confirmed that she's expecting with husband Kanye West via a surrogate. We know what the deal is, we're all just waiting for the famous family to tell us in their own words.
That day, however, is not today. Kim recorded a video for her app and website with her grandma, Mary Jo “M.J.” Campbell. In the "Facts" video, the two women address the numerous rumors with the wit that only a Kardashian can muster. They very carefully did not mention any rumors of Kylie and Khloé's reported baby buns, but we did hear plenty about Kim's pregnancy.
Kim opens the video by showing off her platinum blonde, almost iridescent pearl hair, with expertly crafted waves. The two women then get down to the business of debunking false rumors. Kim wants to replace Kelly Ripa? Nope, false. Kim is having twins? Double false. Grandma M.J. even says she doesn't read the tabloids, but she does read People. "I have to text you every month to ask if you're pregnant," M.J. says, referring to the swirling rumors about babies.
Kim then addresses a story that her daughter North can't stand her younger brother Saint, and that Kim is a bad mom because of it. She shuts this one down immediately. And honestly, this story shouldn't have survived the smell test to begin with, because there's always some tension with kids when a new sibling enters the mix.
It seems that the fam getting us all ready for official confirmation of the pregnancies, and when (if) it does come, it'll be a spectacle worthy of the Kardashian name.

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