Stranger Things Just Dropped Some Serious Season 2 Clues

There are a lot of things to be excited about in October: consuming pumpkin spice everything, kicking off the beginning of boot season, decorating for Halloween, and picking out the perfect fall wardrobe. But the thing I'm most excited about is hands-down the return of Stranger Things on October 27.
So, if you're like me — or like this couple who loves the show so much they announced the sex of their baby via a Byer's communication wall — this new Stranger Things teaser is going to make you happier than Eleven with a box of Eggos.
As People pointed out, the 36-second clip reveals a lot more than just another peek into the weird happenings in Hawkins; it also unveils the titles for the first six episodes: "Chapter One: Madmax," "Chapter Two: Trick or Treat Freak," "Chapter Three: The Pollywog," "Chapter Four: Will the Wise," "Chapter Five: Dig Dug," and "Chapter Six: The Spy."
Aside from some brief imagery, the teaser didn't provide an explanation for how the chapters might relate to the story, but it sure did leave fans with a lot of room to speculate. For instance, are the kids going to somehow get stranded in a desert wasteland à la Mad Max? Does "The Pollywog" imply that the monster will be some sort of amphibian? Is it possible that Will's connection to the Upside Down provides him with powers we only thought Eleven had?
The show has been pretty tight-lipped about the second installment, so it's not too surprising that they decided to omit the final three chapter titles from the announcement. Of course, this isn't the first time the Duffer brothers have dropped cryptic hints.
Over the summer, the official Stranger Things Twitter account shared some of the posters for this upcoming season that seemed to reveal that the Demogorgon isn't dead, Joyce and Hopper will probably be headed back to the Upside Down, and Nancy may find herself in serious danger.
For now, we'll just have to channel our inner-Dustin and wonder why Netflix is keeping this curiosity door locked.

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