Watch This Couple's Stranger Things-Inspired Baby Sex Reveal

While we don't ordinarily love the concept of having to announce your baby's sex with an elaborate reveal, sometimes a "gender reveal" video is too good for us to ignore.
Take, for example, this couple's video, inspired by none other than Stranger Things.
California couple Daniel Vongnakhone and Krystal Jugarap are expecting their first child together in February, according to ABC, and decided to reveal the sex of their future child in a video inspired by scenes of the show in which Winona Ryder's character communicates with her son via Christmas lights.
"I knew the new season was coming so I thought I'd mention it to Krystal and figure out how to do it," Vongnakhone told ABC. "I got really busy with work and almost gave up on the idea, but Krystal was determined to figure it out."
The couple ended up spending about $40 on the lights and other gadgets they used, but the really impressive part is that they figured out how to make each bulb light up one-by-one to spell out "it's a girl."
The video soon went viral after they posted it to their Facebook pages, so it was well worth the effort. The reference, however, was understandably lost on non-fans.
"They didn't realize there was a message in it," Jugarap told ABC. "A lot of them don't watch Stranger Things."
But even if you're not a fan, you can probably still appreciate the thought that was put into this video.
The couple plan to name their daughter Leila Rey, as in Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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