We Bought All The Pumpkin Products At Trader Joe's — & Ranked Them

Pumpkin spice season would not be complete without Trader Joe's. Because, let's face it, the grocery chain's specialty pumpkin offerings are vast. Not only are there are a ton of options to choose from, but each year the lineup grows with even newer and spicier goods on top of the pre-existing golden oldies. So, naturally, we decided to buy, try, and rank them all.
Because of the sheer volume of pumpkin products, from years past and present, it can be difficult to discern which offerings are readily available for purchase and which are merely off-the-shelf stuff of TJ's legend. (Plus, the most popular items tend to sell out fast.) In order to find out the true nature of this year's bounty, we went to our nearest Trader Joe's for a full on product haul.
Once there, we filled up our carts with as many pumpkin (and pumpkin spice) packaged goods as we could possibly get our hands on (PSA: it was 28, to be exact) and hit the checkout line looking like true fall fanatics. (We definitely got a few strange looks from fellow customers.) But, before the tasting could begin, we had to first establish the ranking rules. With differing personal food and flavor preferences set aside, we settled on a rating system based solely on the star ingredient in question: pumpkin. The specialty goods with the least pumpkin flavor, came in last. The nosh with the most delicious pumpkin-y punch, came out on top. Scroll on to see where your favorites landed — and be sure to shout out any items that may have been missing from the location we hit up in the comments!

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