This Coraline-Inspired Makeup Is The (Other) Mother Of All Halloween Looks

Already over the Pennywise the Dancing Clown-inspired makeup craze? Artist Cat Jordan has a Coraline-inspired look that will impress — and unsettle — everyone at your next Halloween party.
I can watch every gore-fest horror flick under the sun and be left relatively unfazed, but there is one film that always leaves me sufficiently creeped. Coraline, the 2009 stop-motion fantasy flick about a young girl who uncovers a seemingly "perfect" parallel world, is that movie, and it's all thanks to one terrifying character: the "Other Mother."
Rather than the lovely homemaker she appears to be to Coraline, Other Mother is actually a demonic spirit whose mission is to snatch the souls (and, err, the eyes) of her victims. So, when I discovered Cat Jordan's impressive, and royally creepy, rendition of the character (voiced by Teri Hatcher in the film), I knew I had to share it.
Behold, "Beldam," a.k.a. "Other Mother," who has a seriously impressive brow game.

“Other mother” makeup from the movie “Coraline” ?? What are you going to be for Halloween? ?

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"This makeup look is, honestly, one of my favorites I’ve done so far," Jordan, who is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, told Refinery29 of the Halloween look.
Jordan also got real about why the character is so creepy:
"I think Other Mother is so appealing because it’s not only her looks that scare, but how the way she is portrayed as a motherly figure to Coraline is completely destroyed when she is revealed to be the antagonist. I think that’s why so many people are scared of her, because they feel like it's betraying, almost...[Myself] included."
She added that she was inspired to take on the character after watching a makeup artist on YouTube tackle the character.
"I was inspired by a YouTuber I really like, Lex from Madeyewlook, who everyone should check out. I figured out I could give it my own little twist and make my own art out of it. Being able to get inspired by something and decide to make something more personal out out it, instead of just copying, I think really talks about you as an artist and is a statement I stand by."
Want to try your own take on Other Mother, or another favorite character? Jordan tells Refinery29 that all it takes is practice — and a little help from the internet.
"YouTube and social media has shaped me as an artist almost exclusively, [it's] how I discovered my passion for makeup," she says. "I remember watching beauty videos and hoping to be one of those amazingly talented people behind my computer screen. Until I decided to give it a try."
You can check out Jordan's other makeup looks (which includes one inspired by Riverdale's Jughead Jones) over on her Instagram page.

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