Get To Know This Cool-Girl Brand Before All Your Friends

Welcome to our new bi-weekly column, Insta-Bait, where we highlight the brands taking over our feeds right now — because Instagram isn't just a place where we DM memes to our friends and double-tap our style icons' most on-point outfits, it's where we discover new labels on the regular.
You've probably noticed a bunch of the "cool girls" you follow on Instagram wearing the same brand lately. The outfits usually consist of cropped tops and jackets, baggy pants, and punky details like cargo pockets and wallet chains. And, no, it's not Hot Topic that all these Instagram mega-stars — we're talking everyone from Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kaia Gerber, to Stella Maxwell, Jordyn Woods, Gigi, and more — are sporting. It's called I.AM.GIA.
This Insta-famous label actually comes out of Australia, but is gaining major traction in the States as of late, and we have to suspect that in addition to these mega-babes donning the pieces, Instagram generally has a lot to do with their success. Why? Because in addition to being worn by tons of ladies with more followers than all of your friends combined, the pieces are just made to be double-tapped, from sheer bodysuits and super-cropped tops to bold matching sets and the endless construction-worker-chic vibes (yes, that's a thing). And, it's actually affordable, unlike much of what these recognizable ladies usually wear.
As for me, suddenly I'm seriously contemplating cargo pants... Thanks, Instagram.
Click on to get convinced, and make sure to throw the brand a follow for major model-off-duty eye-candy, and to keep up-to-date on its latest drops.

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