Exclusive: Meet Dr. Amelia Shepherd's Arrogant Professor In This Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek

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During last week's premiere of Grey's Anatomy, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) discovered that she had a brain tumor. Swell! This show is such a gleeful time. However, because it's Amelia, she's going to fight that tumor tooth and nail. In a sneak peek of tonight's episode, we learn that the plucky doctor has enlisted one of her professors to figure out the tumor situation. That professor is Dr. Tom Koracick, and he's played by guest star Greg Germann. (Germann is best known for his role on Ally McBeal. More recently, he appeared in Netflix's Friends from College as a boorish, oblivious husband.)
"DeLuca, this is Tom Koracick, head of Neuro at Hopkins," Amelia says when Koracick comes to examine her MRI.
"Oh, he's heard of me," Koracick says. "See these hands, DeLuca? All me. I have to charge every time she uses them." The rock star surgeon is here to save the day.
Brain tumor aside, Amelia is having a dramatic season. She's in a cute love triangle with Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Teddy (Kim Raver) that certainly won't end well, considering Amelia has a brain tumor. It's hard to pick between women when one option might die at any moment. Then, there's the tiny fact that Owen's sister Megan (Abigail Spencer) has risen from the dead. Poor Owen — there's a lot going on with the women in his life right now.
McKidd told Entertainment Weekly prior to the season premiere that Owen's family — including Megan — have a lot to say about Amelia, the impulsive, sometimes idiotic surgeon.
"Owen’s family all gather ’round in the first few episodes for Megan’s return, so they really witness the way Amelia’s handling this and they have a lot to say about it," he said. "Owen is not only having his own concerns, but his family are also raising up their hands and saying, “You know, there’s some issues here."
Sorry, Owemelia 'shippers. Maybe she can get things going with DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), her devastatingly handsome resident?
Watch the full preview clip, below.
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