Why Kim Cattrall & Sarah Jessica Parker's Alleged SATC Feud Is So Hard To Hear

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During an interview with Piers Morgan on Monday night, Kim Cattrall suggested that her Sex and the City costars are "toxic." The news is disappointing for fans of the series — and given the show's subject matter, it's even more sad.
"They all have children, and I am ten years older. And since, specifically, the series ended, I have been spending most of my time outside of New York, so I don't see them," Cattrall told Morgan of her Sex and the City costars. "I've moved on, this is what my sixties are about, they're about me making decisions for me. Not my career, for me. And that feels frickin' fantastic. But everything comes to an end. And in closing one door, another door opens, and that door has been waiting for a long time."
The interview comes after reports that the third Sex and the City movie isn't happening because of Cattrall's "alleged demands." But the actress recently tweeted, "The only 'DEMAND' I ever made was that I didn't want to do a 3rd film....& that was back in 2016."
Cattrall also suggested she hadn't been contacted about the recent Sex and the City sequel reports.
"Usually what happens in a healthy relationship is that someone, or a transaction for a job in my business, is that someone says, 'Are you available?' And you say 'yes.' And here's the job, and you say 'Yes... thank you very much, but I'm sort of over here right now, but thank you very much.' And that person turns to you, and they say. 'That's great, good luck to you, I wish you the best," Cattrall told Morgan. "That's not what happened here. This is, it feels like a toxic relationship."
Of course, we don't know the whole story, and we would never judge Cattrall or her costars about the rumors. It's totally normal to not be that close with former coworkers! But it's still depressing that so many fans are eager to hear about the alleged beef between the former costars when the show was literally about female friendships.
A year ago, Sarah Jessica Parker tried to dispel the rumors that she and Cattrall didn't get along on set. "It was always so heartbreaking to me that there was this narrative about Kim and myself, because it just didn't reflect anything that happened on that set," Parker told Time in 2016.
During that interview, Parker also noted that "nobody asked those questions of shows with men." So hopefully at this point, we can just let this go once and for all.
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