What's With Fashion's New Obsession With #Twinning?

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.
Something strange happened at Paris Fashion Week this season. And no, for once we're not talking about anything Gucci-related. But due to its fear-inducing nature, at least in the case of the Undercover show, we've got to see if anyone else felt it, too. Did anyone else happen to catch the peculiar #twinning trend across the spring 2018 shows?
To invoke the idea that there are two sides to everyone, Jun Takahashi's captivating Undercover show featured lookalike models, who walked out hand-in-hand and showcased the fact that every outfit was reversible. That was only a little creepy, until we got to the end when a pair of actual twins came out in outfits inspired by the Grady Twins from the cult film The Shining; one of their dresses even adorned with red beads resembling dripping blood. And that wasn't the only horror motif we saw throughout Fashion Month, either, if you take into consideration the Stranger Things tee at Louis Vuitton, the Jason Voorhees shoes at Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, and the Jaws bags at Marco de Vincenzo.
At Alexa Chung, the It Girl (or should we start calling her It Woman?) who showed her fall 2017 ALEXACHUNG collection in Paris for the first time, gave a prom-themed presentation that was quirky — much like the designer herself — and also featured a pair of twins. This time, the (actual) twins wore velvet babydoll dresses in contrasting colors, which made for less of a Kubrick effect and more of a Precious Moments kind of vibe. To wit: It's not often we catch a set of twins at Fashion Month that aren't the Olsen sisters, so this second appearance was enough to make us double-take.
Lastly, Thom Browne, who was also showing in Paris for the first time this season, featured yet another set of clones. Clad in matching white...well, we're not exactly sure how to describe them — you'll see in the slideshow ahead — walking through the runway space on their pointe toes. It was creepy and confusing and artistic all at the same time.
We can't quite put our finger on exactly why some of our favorite fashion brands are seeing-double for spring. But it seems that, horror flick-inspired or not, the best clothes are sent down the runway in twos.

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