Miranda Kerr Has A Beauty Skill Commuters Would Kill For

Miranda Kerr is undeniably talented and driven. She's a supermodel, a mother, a wife, and the brains behind Kora Organics. But her most impressive skill may be her most surprising.
In a recent interview with PeopleStyle for their "5 Questions" video series, Kerr revealed that she can pluck her eyebrows without even looking at herself work.
"My secret beauty talent is that I can pluck my eyebrows without a mirror, just like by feel...Yeah, I'm really good at that," she said. "I remember I used to sit in the business class at school and my teacher would be like, 'Miranda, put those tweezers away!' I'd be sitting there like, 'It helps me concentrate.'"
First of all, how?! I can barely get a nice arch going with the help of a well-lit reflective surface. Kerr's always look perfect!
Secondly, I cannot tell you how incredibly useful this skill would be to millions of people like me, who sometimes hop in the back of a Lyft on their way to a fun night out only to realize that their brows have waged a war against their faces.
Of course, good things come to those who practice. So, if you happen to see me with a chunk of brow missing, know that I'm trying my best.
The time-saving hack has come in handy for Kerr, who just launched her 15-piece skincare line in the United Sates, available at Sephora. In addition to being certified organic, Kerr says her products will make you look and feel amazing, bushy eyebrows or not.
"All the products are filtered through rose quartz, which has been used for years to realy help encourage love of yourself and love of others," she said, later adding, "When you're using the products you get a little bit of that magic."
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