These October 3 Mean Girls Tributes Are, Like, Really Pretty

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It's Mean Girls day, which means it's the perfect time for Daniel Franzese, who played Damian in the movie, to eulogize the movie with some stellar fan art. Franzese shared a series — a long series — of images of fan art (including tattoos) celebrating the movie in honor of October 3, Teen Vogue reports.
"Happy #NationalMeanGirlsDay! Thank you to all the fans who have taken this movie to place we never imagined to go from tattoos to tea cups!" Franzese wrote.
Turns out, there's a lot of Mean Girls appreciation out there. There are Damian-inspired tattoos, cookies, graduation caps, and even street art. There are homemade Kalteen bars, tee-shirts, and Mean Girls phone cases. This movie is going to be immortal, if pop culture paraphernalia has anything to say about it.
The movie already lives on with National Mean Girls Day, an unofficial holiday that falls on October 3. This was the day that Cady (Lindsay Lohan) told Aaron Samuels what day it was. It was October 3. Now, thirteen years after the release of the film, we all gather on the internet to praise the Tina Fey comedy.
Lindsay Lohan, star of the film, gave her own Instagram tribute. She gave a simple, "OMG!! #itsoctober3rd." Then, she kindly asked if we would follow her on Snapchat. (Gladly, Lindsay. Her handle is Bella79.)
Others on Twitter are using the day to apply Mean Girls humor to present day events. Alan Cole, a tax policy expert, used the movie to explain current tax legislation. Others used it to make fun of our current administration. Mean Girls really does apply to everything.
Of course, Mean Girls will really live on as a Broadway musical. Fey, who wrote the original screenplay, teamed up with her husband Jeff Richmond and librettist Nell Benjamin for a musical version of the 2004 film. It's premiering in D.C. on October 31, just weeks after National Mean Girls Day. The musical will debut on Broadway in March of 2018.
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