Outlander's Sam Heughan Is Getting Tired Of Being Objectified

It looks like Sam Heughan may be getting a taste of what female actors have to deal with on a daily basis. After a website published a slideshow showcasing 38 images of the Outlander star, he responded with a request that seems completely understandable. Instead of bringing the focus to his physique and appearance, he kindly asked to shine the spotlight on his acting ability instead.
"Let's do the best scenes instead," the actor tweeted on Saturday in response to a slideshow featuring the "38 Sexiest Pictures of Jamie on Outlander."
Heughan's fans responded in kind, with many saying that the acting in the show should be the focus, not the actors' appearance. And since Heughan mentioned "best scenes," many viewers threw in their own ideas for that, pointing out various episodes that they saw as outstanding.
Outlander has long been applauded for its portrayal of PTSD in addition to its deft handling of time jumps and mid-18th century Scottish history. While Diana Gabaldon's original novels may have painted Heughan's character as a very good-looking leading man, the show's ability to be more than just skin deep is part of why its earned such a loyal following.
Plus, the article in question also failed to mention the show's other actors, its show-stopping costumes, and all the other things that go into making an amazing period drama. Fans didn't let that slide, either.
Until everyone gets on board with Heughan's idea of skipping over rippling muscles and windblown hair, fans will have to be satisfied with taking to social media to commend their favorite actors' cinematic skills and not their ability to commit to flashing skin.
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