This Is The Most Adorable Bachelorette Reunion Ever

When The Bachelorette's Dean Unglert and Peter Krause reunited, it felt so good and not just for Bachelor Nation. Check out the photos — not to mention the captions — these two who failed to get Rachel Lindsay's final rose posted to Instagram and it's clear there's a bromance going on.
The two reconvened in Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio Festival on Saturday, but what happened in Vegas between Dean and Peter didn't stay in Vegas. The two wanted their Instagram followers to know they had the best time ever doing what guys do. Like, you know, sharing milkshakes at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino while locked arm-in-arm and making some very intense eye contact. Seriously, find yourself someone who looks at you the way Peter looks at Dean.

Reunited and it feels so good! ❤️❤️

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Also, definitely find someone like Peter who will let you use their back as a pillow when you get tired of standing. It's something he let his little Deanie Baby do. "Reunited. And it feels damn good," Dean wrote, echoing Peter's caption perfectly. Note: these two's matching shoes, a sign of best friendship if there ever was one.

Reunited. And it feels damn good

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It's the same loving pose they struck back in July when Peter let the world know how he really felt about Dean. "We shared clothes, we shared a bed, we even shared a girlfriend for a period of time, which I'm still not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about," Peter wrote about "the younger brother I never wanted." "But above all that, we shared one of the best friendships of this lifetime."
While Dean's Bachelor In Paradise love triangle has kind of ruined his internet boyfriend status, it's clear Peter still loves him. The feeling's mutual since Dean told E! before it was announced that Arie Luyendyk, Jr would be the new Bachelor that Peter was the only real choice. Basically, Dean is all of us.
As if that wasn't enough cuteness for you, the guys eventually met up with The Bachelor's Ben Higgins and a whole bunch of adorable puppies who were rescued from the recent hurricanes in Houston and Florida. They can be adopted at, but the Bach guys don't come with them, sorry.
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