Shawn Mendes Just Joined The Teeny Tiny Tat Club — With His Mom

Before getting your first tattoo, don't be surprised if your friends warn you that it won't be your last. Tattoos can be addicting — as Brooklyn Beckham (who has 10), Sofia Richie (who has five), and Paris Jackson (who's rocking more than 50) can attest. Now, there's another Gen Z star who's taking up part-time residence at his local tattoo parlor. Enter: Shawn Mendes.
But, unlike other stars who keep the meanings behind their tattoos private, Shawn loves to give in-depth explanations behind each piece of art. His first tattoo on his forearm pays homage to his hometown. His second, a lightbulb right above his elbow, symbolizing a special trip to Oslo. And his most recent teeny elephant tat on the inside of his middle finger? It's for his mom. (Aww.)
The 19-year-old proudly revealed the art on his Instagram story today. He later told GQ that it was the only tattoo his mother would get by his side. (Yes, she has a matching one in the exact same spot.) "I was trying to convince her to get a tattoo for a while,” Shawn explained. "This is really the only thing that she would do because she’s obsessed with elephants." It's a popular design for ink, especially because elephants are often associated with luck, wisdom, and protection in Hindu traditions. The animals are also said to have impeccable memory — which Mendes' says is his favorite quality about them.
Considering all the tattoos of ex partner's names out there (or the matching designs you got with friends you haven't talked to since college spring break), we think a permanent BFF tattoo with your mom is a solid choice. And pretty damn cute, too.
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