Shawn Mendes Finally Confirmed The Meaning Behind His Secret Tattoo

Update: It took all summer to track down the truth behind Shawn Mendes' secret tattoo, but the reveal has finally arrived. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the 19-year-old briefly discussed his second tattoo that made a brief appearance in his "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" music video. "I got [the tattoo] when I was in Oslo on tour; I really wanted something to remember this time of my life."
So what's the design, exactly? "It’s a lightbulb that has roots and a colored flower inside," he explained to the publication. Okay, one last question: WTF does that mean? TBD on the full details on that one, but hopefully Mendes will respond soon to the internet's flood of tweets with the same query.
This post was originally published June 21, 2017.
We spend a lot of time tracking celebrity tattoos, so we can say with confidence that, on the list of most-tatted-up stars, Shawn Mendes isn't at the top. Not compared to Justin Bieber, at least, who has in the ballpark of 60, or Rihanna, who boasts around 30. Mendes, as far as we knew, had just the one on his forearm: a guitar decorated with his hometown's skyline. But, much to our surprise, it looks as if Mendes went ahead and got another piece of ink without us even noticing — and it's all evidenced in the star's latest music video.
To be clear, the "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" video isn't centered around his newest tattoo, but some sleuths over at Teen Vogue noticed the design in a couple shots. If you take a look at the video around :38 and 2:34 marks, you'll see the ink peeking out from underneath his T-shirt on his upper right arm, right below his shoulder. And yet, the glimpse is so quick, you could blink and miss it.
So what's the tattoo, you wonder? While Mendes has yet to confirm the design's origin, we have a few ideas: Back in May, the 18-year-old found a fan Twitter account dedicated to helping the singer grow his tattoo collection, prompting other fans to submit ideas. When he caught wind of the cool gesture, he told his fans to keep going with it and he might, in fact, pull inspiration from some one of the sketches. Jury's still out if that's what happened here, but one this is for sure: If his first tattoo is any indication, we can only assume this one is just as meaningful.
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