Kit Harington Schooled A Spice Girl

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It seems that anyone with an accent and some musical experience is hoping to get a role on Game of Thrones.
People reports that Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (known to fans as Ginger Spice) got a few lessons from Jon Snow himself on how to deliver one particular line from the show.
In an Instagram video taken at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, Halliwell shared a run-in with Kit Harington. Like any fan, she immediately lost all composure and said, "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Only instead of just saying it one or maybe two times, she was basically on a loop, saying it over and over. She may have been joking, but Harington took some time to correct her, delivering the same line with a little more gravitas.
Though he never actually said the words on the show, Harington seemed pretty comfortable with them. Fans know that Ygritte (Rose Leslie) was the one to utter the now-famous line, but it seems that she made quite an impact: "You know nothing, Jon Snow" has birthed some some pretty epic memes.
"Need more of my Manchester?" Halliwell asks after Harington demonstrates.
One attempt seemed to be up to snuff, though. After Halliwell got the line, Harington said, "Yeah. That's it! You got the part."
Unfortunately, it seemed to be a one-time occurrence. After she tried for a repeat performance, Harington laughed, breaking his very serious demeanor for a second, and said, "Now you've lost it again!"

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Game of Thrones' most recent season featured a very heavily publicized cameo from Ed Sheeran. If Halliwell gets her accent down, she may be the next big name to bring some musical stylings to Westeros. Then, maybe Ginger Spice can show Jon Snow a thing or two about dancing in platform sneakers and turning a flag into a minidress.
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