Here's A Cute Reminder Of How Long James Franco & Seth Rogen Have Known Each Other

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When it comes to comedy duos, few actors have quite as prolific a bond as Seth Rogen and James Franco. The two starred in more than their fair share of stoner comedies, from Pineapple Express to This Is The End, and even took down a dictator in the controversial movie The Interview.
However, before the two were making movies together, they were playing BFFs on the sadly short-lived series Freaks and Geeks. Now, Rogen has shared a cute pic from when the two were just starting out — and still sitting in the high school cafeteria.
Rogen — who next has a role in The Disaster Artist opposite Franco — took to Instagram to post the throwback photo.
"Freaks," Rogen captioned the photo.


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"Forever in love since my tween years," wrote one fan in the comments section.
"Pleaseeeee do another series together. About anything!! Seriously please!!!," added another.
The photo also got plenty of fans waxing poetic about Freaks and Geeks. One suggested that Rogen write a sequel to the series, which was created by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig and produced by Judd Apatow.
"please write a sequel to the series. Like about all the main characters and where they are now and stuff. It would be so great," one fan begged the Sausage Party writer.
"When is freaks getting a reboot???!!!!," added another. "Love that show, so many great actors such great stories."
While there's no reboot or sequel in the works (yet, anyway), Rogen and Franco aren't going to stop collaborating any time soon. Hopefully, there are more throwback snaps where this one came from...and if not, plenty of future Rogen/Franco memories to be captured on Instagram.

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