Conspiracy Theorists, Netflix Made An LSD-Infused CIA Thriller Just For You

Photo: Mark Schafer/Netflix.
If you have ever spent a night reading about the Illuminati or watching YouTube videos about the reptilian people living underground, this new Netflix series is for you.
Wormwood takes place in the 1950s, in the middle of the Cold War. The show deals with CIA deadly LSD experiments in their effort to harness mind control. Spoiler alert: it didn't work.
Errol Morris, acclaimed documentarian and Academy Award winner, tackles the subject, creating a unique cross between a television series and documentary. The show will feature interviews with the real-life people involved, namely Eric Olson, who has spent his life trying to uncover the truth.
A majority of the series will be Morris' signature reenactments, making it feel like a regular television drama. The cast includes Peter Sarsgaard, Bob Balaban, Jimmi Simpson, and more.
While the conspiracy theory itself might be well-known, the true story surrounding a victim and his family still goes untold. The eerie trailer follows Dr. Frank Olson (Sarsgaard), a CIA bacteriologist, who was poisoned with LSD. That covert experiment eventually lead to his death. The beginning of the teaser looks like any television trailer might, but the interview with Eric Olson, Frank Olson's real son, adds the documentary aspect back in.
For those of you who are fans of Netflix's documentaries, like Amanda Knox, Casting Jon Benet, or 13th, Wormwood will be right up your alley. With true crime movies and series on the rise, Wormwood has the makings of a big hit. All six parts of the new miniseries will drop on Netflix on December 15th, 2017.
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