Twitter Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Copying Beyoncé

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People are constantly criticizing Kim Kardashian, whether it's for her looks, her "lack of talent," or just because she's a successful woman. The internet's latest fascination is a series of photos Kardashian took with Interview. The reality TV star posed in a '60s-themed photoshoot for the magazine's cover story.
Kardashian and her daughter, North West, who also got her own feature in the magazine, look incredible in their retro gear. But fans are a little confused. Doesn't she look just like Beyoncé Knowles? Even I have to admit that I did a double take at a few of the photos. You can view all of the photos here.
The resemblance is a little spooky. It probably has something to do with the way Kardashian's makeup was done. In the past, Beyoncé has done 1960s-themed photo shoots and videos. She also starred in the movie Dreamgirls where she wore wigs similar to Kardashian's. Still, even Queen Bey can't own an era. It's likely that the shoot idea wasn't even Kardashian's. So, there's no point in angrily tweeting at her. Taylor Swift fans have got that covered.
Copying or not, Interview calls Kardashian "America's New First Lady" and fans are obsessed with it.
One thing, though: If Kim Kardashian is the new Jackie O, does that make Kanye West, JFK? One Twitter user might have just uncovered a secret plot and we have questions.
Jokes aside, leave it to Kim Kardashian to get the internet talking about her the day after a Game of Thrones finale and a Taylor Swift music video drop. Kardashian may not be the real first lady, but she certainly commands the country.
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