Corduroy Just Got A Cool Makeover (Seriously)

It's been a while since the words "wow, cute corduroy pants!" have been uttered by anyone under middle age. The closest most millennials have come to the fabric in recent years is perhaps the memory of a beloved, clumsy teddy-bear, and you know, that doesn't really count. But this is the year 2017 which seems to be in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Trend Reviver. While we've yet to see the Kendalls, Gigis, and Haileys of the world, there's no doubt this fabric is inching its way back towards the comeback line.
And it seems like The Cords & Co, a new Stockholm based brand, is doing most of the heavy lifting. Dubbed the "world's first and only brand to focus it’s collections solely on corduroy," they are betting you'll enjoy walking to the swish-swish-beats that characterize this textured fabric.
The Cords & Co has a complete line-up of styles: mini-skirts, overalls, and a variety of pants styles that are a little big Greg Brady with an edge of "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" But where the unisex label truly nails it is by throwing out the idea of dusty hues, and instead going for bold and sexy (yes, apparently corduroy can be sexy!) with a bright red print. From a boxy button-down jacket to a pair of cropped culottes, the cherry red offerings show this label is fully entrenched in modern times. Your grandpa's corduroys, these are not.
The Cords & Co is betting that people will clamor for cords, and is set to open six stores in fashion capitals of the world, including New York's Soho neighborhood, Abbot Kinney in L.A., and Le Marais district in Paris by mid-September. If you don't live in one of those cities, do not fret, their global online shop, is open for business.
The brand's cool level is not surprising, given that it was founded by Mikael Söderlind — who you may know as the CEO of fashion sock brand Happy Socks— and Linnéa Bach Gärde, formerly a designer at H&M home, and J. Lindeberg among others. With their prior experience, it's only natural The Cords & Co already has a host of collaborations on deck including Alpha Industries, Eastpak, and DJ Harvey.
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