This Is Why Taylor Swift's New Album Cover Looks Familiar

Taylor Swift sent the world into a frenzy on Wednesday when she announced that she not only has a new single coming out, but that her sixth album is already primed and ready for an exciting November 10 release.
The pop singer, who mysteriously scrubbed her social media accounts earlier this month, posted a few teasers featuring creepy snakes before tweeting out the following announcement of her album name and accompanying artwork.
The photo, which she also added as her Twitter avatar pic, features Swift with slicked-back hair and an overlay of multiple newspapers. One can assume from the album title and the busy newsprint that her upcoming work will focus heavily on the attention she receives from the media, which follows her every workout, date, and girls' night. Plenty to work with there.
But while some have fixated on Swift's use of serpents to promote her new work, others on Twitter have pointed out that this fresh aesthetic is eerily similar to the newsy T-shirt made popular by designer John Galliano.
One commenter also illuminated the fact that Swift's cover contains some major Galliano-for-Diptyque vibes.
Of course, we couldn't bring up Galliano without mentioning his iconic dress that the one and only Carrie Bradshaw wore not once, but twice. It turned up in Sex and the City's third season and resurfaced on the big screen in the second SATC film.
Photo: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic
The high-low masterpiece was part of Christian Dior's 2000 spring collection and cost an impressive $1,500 — though, it wasn't the most expensive piece Sarah Jessica Parker's beloved character wore episode 17.
Once again, the similarity didn't go unnoticed on social media.
What can we say? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — and one could do worse than Carrie B.
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