Millie Bobby Brown Just Shut Down This Major Stranger Things Theory

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Think you have Stranger Things all figured out? According to star Millie Bobby Brown, you have no idea what this show has in store.
Vulture interviewed the young cast of the wildly popular Netflix series, and asked Brown — who plays the Eggo-adoring Eleven — about a particular Stranger Things fan theory. Some fans are convinced that the monstrous Demogorgon — the one responsible for the tragic murder of Barb (Shannon Purser) — was actually a manifestation of Eleven's psychological trauma, but, according to Brown, that's definitely not the case. In fact, the actress claims there isn't a single fan who cracked the code on the show.
"The Duffer brothers [who are the creators of the show] don’t want to do a fan theory," the actress told Vulture. "They want it to be original and they don’t want it to be somebody else’s idea."
Hmm, I guess the explanation that the monster is actually a giant metaphor for Eleven getting her period for the first time is also out the window? Honestly, that's probably for the best.
Brown may be speaking out about what we won't be seeing in season 2 of the series — which drops on Netflix October 27 — but she's decidedly more quiet about what's in store for the third season, which was confirmed to Vulture by the Duffer brothers in a separate interview. Apparently, something major happens with Eleven that changes things for her in season 3 — should she even appear in season 3.
"I plead the fifth," Brown told Vulture. "It’s easier for the other characters to talk about it. For Eleven..."
What's going to happen to Eleven that makes season 3 so difficult to talk about?! Clearly, we're not great at guessing what's really going on with Stranger Things, so maybe we should just stream season 2 to find out.

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