This Stranger Things Theory Explains The Connection Between Eleven & The Monster

Stranger Things is the standout show of the summer. The homage to '80s horror and thriller movies has viewers binge-watching — and then quickly making their own theories as to who and what is going on with the dreadful monster. It remains the biggest mystery of season 1. But this one fan theory (which we mentioned before) seems to be the most fleshed-out and convincing yet. Spoilers ahead.
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You ready? Eleven is the monster. She, like the Demogorgon in Dungeons & Dragons, has two opposing sides. In the game, the Demogorgon literally has two heads — one destructive and one deceptive. If we follow that same model, Eleven would be the deceptive side and the monster the destructive one. The theory, solidified by a convincing video via UpRoxx, points out that we first meet the monster when Eleven is isolated in that creepy pitch-black room. The monster could easily be a manifestation of Eleven's own evil side. This theory accurately plays into the whole theme of dichotomy on the show. The real world is sunny, colorful, and bright. The upside-down world is bleak, ashy, and decrepit. Total opposites. When Eleven has her final one-on-one battle with the monster to save her new friends, she lifts her hand to harness her powers. In return, the monster does the same, as if mirroring her body's motions. Is this because they are mirror images of each other? Is this why Eleven turns to ash herself? Did she give herself up to the monster, a.k.a. her dark side?
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As the video says, "She couldn't destroy the beast without destroying herself, because it is part of her." In one scene, she also literally declares, "I am the monster." Subtly was never her strong suit. Watch the full video, below, and prepare to be convinced.

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