This Stranger Things Actor Has The Best Instagram Ever

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You may recognize 13-year-old Gaten Matarazzo from his role as the curly-headed, "toothless," voice of reason on Netflix's Stranger Things. Following the success of the show, Matarazzo, with his animated personality and overall adorable demeanor, has become a bit of a celebrity. But the New Jersey native isn't letting it get to his head. Instead, he is deeply humbled when he runs into guys and girls who want to take a picture with him. In fact, his personal Instagram has become a tribute to his fans that approach him on the street. His Instagram is truly a public service to us all. In what may be the sweetest post ever, Matarazzo explained his reasoning. "I’m starting a new thing. Every fan that stops me and asks me to take a picture with them, I will ask them to take a picture with me because they mean as much to me as I mean to them," he wrote. He declared this to be his "new trend" and he has stayed true to his word. Every selfie and caption is more heartwarming than the one before.
Here he thanks a fan for taking a picture with him.

I got stopped again. Thank you for taking a picture with me.

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Here he is with Doris, who was "super sweet."

This was Doris she is super sweet.

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And here he is with Derek, who recognized him in an elevator. What a world!

Derek was awesome! He recognized me in the elevator it was pretty funny actually?

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His overall kindness can teach us a thing or two about how we interact with each other on social media. He writes, "Thank you to those who spread kindness and positive vibes, maybe some other people could learn from your actions and kind words! I love all my fans and I'd love it even more if you all spread love to each other."
And, if you needed just a little bit more proof that this kid is legitimately too cute to exist, then just read this story he told The Daily Beast about filming with his co-stars (who quickly became close friends.) "I remember Finn [Wolfhard] was really serious and doing his lines, and he did a sneeze that he tried to recover from. But the way he did it — he just sneezed and looked up really quickly and got right back into the scene. But for some reason, it made Caleb [McLaughlin]start laughing. And him trying to hold it in made Noah [Schnapp] start laughing. And Noah’s laugh started making me laugh. So then we were all laughing. It was great."
Last but not least, here he is singing the National Anthem before a basketball game, because why not.

Always an honor! Thanks @philadelphia76ers for having me tonight!

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