You Need To See Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams Impersonate Ned Stark

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Aha! We've found the best iteration of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" — it's Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, riffing on the song's intro in the voice of Ned Stark (Sean Bean).
The two Game of Thrones actresses appeared on their own episode of Apple Music's Carpool Karaoke, in an exclusive preview clip provided to Entertainment Weekly. On the show, the two pulled out their best Sean Bean impressions, which they used to do frequently on the set of Game of Thrones.
"Do you remember when we used to read normal sentences but like we were Sean Bean, like Ned Stark?" Williams asks Turner in the clip. (Turner is the one driving.) You remember Ned Stark. He had a growly Williams then read various sentences — most of them song titles — and the two gave their best Ned Stark impressions. They start with "Hakuna Matata," which sounds rather ominous in Bean's guttural accent. And then they get to "Baby Got Back."
"Oh my god, Becky," Turner begins. "Look at her butt." You know how the rest of the sentence goes.
"Aye, you're not wrong there," Williams adds. The scene then devolves as the two enjoy playing Sean Bean-as-Sir Mix-A-Lot. It's all a brilliant advertisement for Mophie, the Game of Thrones friendship that's just as entertaining as the show itself.
On the show, Turner and Williams finally reunited after a few seasons of distance. For the characters, the reunion was tense. But for the actors, the scene was a giggle-filled disaster (much like the Carpool Karaoke clip, which is a nice sort of disaster).
"We couldn't keep a straight face!" Williams told EW of the scene. "Our relationship is so close, but it's only that fun side, never the business side. I was nervous. It just terrified me. It's like performing for your mom. When somebody is watching, you don't do it quite as well."
Williams and Turner seem to be holding the fort down, though; their scenes in the show have been incredible this season. And if we want giggly Mophie, we can always turn to Carpool Karaoke.
Watch the full clip, below. The full episode premieres Tuesday, August 22 at 9 p.m.
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