I Am So Here For This Bachelor In Paradise Twitter Drama

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
What's that famous Tolstoy quote? Ah, yes — happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. The Bachelor Nation family, like all grouchy fams, is unhappy in a unique way: They love to correct each other on Twitter. In doing so, they throw shade.
Like so: During last night's episode of Bachelor In Paradise, former Bachelor Nick Viall responded to a jibe Alexis Waters made at his expense. In the episode, Waters called Viall "the worst Bachelor in history," somewhat jokingly. (She used a clunky British accent. That counts as jocular, right?)
"Hi @awatazzz you still salty that you're a shark," Viall wrote on Twitter. Waters is the Bachelor contestant known best for her obsession with sharks.
Then, Robby Hayes, also a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise, stepped in to defend Waters, it seems. He wrote, simply, "You're*" as a reply to Viall's original comment. He's corrected Viall for saying "you still salty" as opposed to "you're still salty." Hayes is right; correct grammar calls for a conjunction in that sentence. However, this is Twitter. The grammar police have no place here — unless you want to use them to throw shade, as Hayes appears to be doing.
Then, Viall shared a confused Britney Spears gif and Derek Peth, also a contestant piped in.
"Go home @RobbyHHayes *your drunk," he wrote. (Peth is also wrong in this case, but it would seem he's being tongue-in-cheek.)
See the interaction in full, below.
And don't worry — Waters, never one to play the damsel in distress, made her own jab at Viall.
"Lmao GOOD ONE NICK....how long did it take you to come up with that one. I may be salty but I see you are still stale lol," she wrote. Jasmine Goode, perhaps the queen of Bachelor Nation Twitter, added a frog emoji and a tea emoji. (Translation: She's sipping tea.)
That's the best part about Bachelor Nation Twitter — when the cameras stop rolling, the drama continues. And it all plays out on the internet. Who needs Chris Harrison? Just grab your popcorn and watch your Twitter feed.
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