Pat McGrath's Newest Launch Is Fit For Royalty

Update: Leave it to Pat McGrath to give us the biggest beauty launch of 2018, even though we're only two weeks into the year. The famed celebrity and editorial makeup artist and founder of Pat McGrath Labs is adding yet another exquisite palette to her lineup, along with an extension of her MatteTrance lipstick line, and a nourishing lip balm.
At a private launch last week, McGrath told a group of editors that the shades in Mothership IV: Decadence (made of golds, blues, and browns) are her "crown jewels" — so it's only right that the packaging is printed with a blinged-out tiara.
“These ten hedonistic hues facet the face with diamond sparkle intensity," she said in a press release. "[This year] is all about indulging, inciting and inspiring acts of iconic artistry — and this palette helps makes that possible.”
McGrath's new lip products are also worth indulging in... because they're just for you. The new Lip Fetish balm makes it easy to keep lips nourished and soft, which is convenient, because the 10 new lipstick shades (made of mostly peaches, pinks, and berries) are ones that her fans request the most. They also happen to be extremely wearable, too, especially if you plan on mixing and matching your shades. After all, that's the McGrath way – and you mustn't disrespect Mother.
The palette ($125) and the lipsticks ($38) hit on January 18 at noon EST, and on January 19, while the balm ($38) is available now on
This story was originally published on October 27, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. EST.
Update: I know, I know. At this point in the game, you're probably well stocked with all the liquid lipstick you'll ever need. Well, friends, consider this the call to expand your kit, because Pat McGrath Labs is launching another set of limited-edition kits: LiquiLUST 007. And this time, it's all about the pout.
"We developed this kit so that you can have all of the fun that we have," McGrath said at a private launch today. "Usually when you wear a liquid lipstick, it's all about 'don't move, don't touch.' These are fantastic because you can just layer away."
The formulas, fused with vitamin E and oils, are meant to be paired with clear gloss... and if you're feeling glitzy, you can also pat some of the Micro-Fine Pigments (in gold and in violet) on top. "We wanted less problems [that other liquid lipsticks tend to have] and more focus on mixing colors."
LiquiLUST007 will be available mid-November on The five-piece kits are $38, while the Everything Kit is $150.
This story was originally published on August 16, 2017 at 1:50 p.m. EST.
We'd guess that oblivious TSA agents probably get quite distracted when they see Pat McGrath approaching. The makeup artist has 87 suitcases "full of secrets" — and high-end beauty products, of course— that she's amassed over her 25-year career and often travels with them all. Well, we're here to give JFK a heads-up, because she's consolidating in a major way.
Pat McGrath Labs is releasing a 61-piece Unlimited Edition of three Mothership Eye Palettes ($125), PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencils and Glide Eye Pencils ($25), Dark Star Mascara ($28), 31 LuxeTrance Lipsticks ($38), and 9 MatteTrance Lipsticks ($38). But the best news? There won't be a need to fight to the digital death on release day — this collection is here to stay. We'll pause here for a second to let you catch your breath. Good? Great, because there's more to come from the line, too.
"It's a love letter to the makeup addicted. We're at a point where everyone's truly gone beyond an obsession with makeup," McGrath told a group of beauty editors at the launch yesterday. "You don't hear 'Oh, I'm afraid to wear a nude,' or 'I'm afraid to wear an eyeliner.' This feels like the right time. It doesn't feel like a hard sell. People looked at me like a loony with 87 bags, [but] it's kind of normal now!"
Photo courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs.
Photo courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs.
McGrath's followers — especially those who weren't able to get their hands on one of her previous releases — might be wondering what took Unlimited so long to land. "This was always the intention," she reveals. "Every time I came across a formula that I couldn't live without, I released it." And now, they're all in one place. We all know that McGrath is a perfectionist — at her last launch, she revealed that she carried the prototype of MatteTrance in her purse for months before releasing it. In fact, he gave the same TLC to the entire range, which she refers to as her babies.
Let's start with the palettes, shall we? Some contain older pigments from her earlier releases, like Gold 002 and Dark Star. "They're all important segments of my career, from shows, editorials, to that gorgeous, rich kind of dewy," she says. But, like the rest of her products, she had to give them a test drive before letting everyone get in on the action. For example, the Sublime palette was used to create bronzy eyes seen at Versace SS17. And Subliminal is inspired by McGrath's no-makeup makeup looks that she's done on everyone from Karen Elson to Alek Wek.
There's always a wild child of the bunch, though... and that's Subversive. "It's the crazy one," McGrath says. "It's really me having fun with the colors. [To get] the most exquisite paint, I'd have to build it out of five colors. These are all the colors I wished for and longed for. Colors that remind you of 4 AM in Paris."
Photo courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs.
As for the PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencils, McGrath wished us good luck trying to get them off (and they really do stick — after eating dinner, I had to use two makeup wipes and micellar water-soaked cotton balls). She suggests filling your whole lip with them and wearing alone, or pairing it with one of those gorgeous lipsticks that she's pushing.
The 31 LuxeTrance Lipsticks boast a creamy formula and a shinier finish — qualities that she needed on set and on the runway. "I always struggled to get a lipstick on fast," she says. "You really needed to be a real artist, a true painter, to get the greasy and slimy lipsticks to stay on. These pigments press on really quickly to get full, beautiful, professional impact."
The quality of McGrath's line is the gold standard — and so is the packaging. Gone are the sequin-filled lab bags — McGrath's babies come in boxes painted with work from some of her favorite Instagram artists. Those boxes are emblazoned with gold "modern-meets-vintage emoji" hallmarks that signify the each product's purpose and are almost too pretty to open.
The pencils and lip colors, along with the rest of Unlimited, hit on September 16 and Sephora shelves (and the site) on October 4.
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