Yes Way, There Are Rosé Lollipops (& We Can't Wait To Try Them)

Photo: Courtesy of Quin Candy.
Is it possible to have too many rosé-themed products on the market? To quote Mean Girls, we're beginning to think the limit does not exist. Which is why we're nothing but excited to learn about the latest pink wine-infused edible, lollipops.
The rosé lollipops in question are the brainchild of Quin Candy, an artisanal sweets shop based in Portland, Oregon. To make the lollipops, the shop uses rosé from Union Wine Company, another Oregon-based company. If you haven't heard of Union Wine, you might still recognize its iconic Underwood line that is available both in bottles and cans. According to Quin, the "lush and fruity" flavors of the Underwood rosé were perfect for a candy. In addition to using real rosé, the lollipops are made in the same way all of Quin's delicious candies are: using all-natural ingredients with no artificial dyes.
If you're keeping score at home, this is far from the first rosé-infused food on the market. In addition to hard candy, there's rosé ice cream, jam, gin, popsicles, chocolate, and gummy bears. And that's before you even get into the wide array of non-edible rosé products out there, like candles. But, like all good things, rosé season must come to an end eventually, so we recommend enjoying these late-summer treats while you still can (and before you only have eyes for pumpkin spice).
The lollipops retail online for $8 for a 12-piece box, making it a perfect party favor, gift, or treat to keep for yourself just because. It's also a great excuse to pick up some more of Quin's candy if you're not already familiar with its line of grow-up sweets that still make us feel like kids at heart.

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