Every Rosé Lover Is Going To Want One Of These Candles

Adulthood is a double-edged sword. This isn't the first time we've said it, and we're sure it won't be the last. Once the weather turns warm, we're happy that we're old enough to consume that sweet pink wine of summer, rosé. But, we have to quickly backtrack and remember that being an adult also means being responsible and not actually following that desire to drink rosé all day everyday, especially when we're not on vacation. Sigh. Who could understand more than the ladies of Yes Way Rosé? Possibly no one, which is why they just introduced a new product that should help take the edge off of this paradox of adulting.
The team behind Yes Way Rosé, Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir, just released their first ever candle, and it's called Eau de Rosé Vibes. According to the product description on the YWR shop, each Eau de Rosé Vibes candle is hand-poured and crafted at a Brooklyn-based fragrance studio called Joya. The natural soy candle is infused with the scent of fresh rose petals and notes of blonde woods and white musk. And it of course comes in the most appealing millennial pink shade. This could be the answer to our summer struggle over wanting to use the hashtag "yes way rosé" during those times when drinking isn't really appropriate. Because while we all know drinking rosé at work isn't exactly advisable, it's totally acceptable to have an unlit candle as a desk accessory.
Eau de Rosé Vibes candles are currently selling for $45 each on the Yes Way Rosé online shop. Each one is 6.5 ounces and burns for approximately 5o hours. Next time we grab a glass, we'll have to light a candle, too, to help set the summertime mood.

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