Purge These 10 Items From Your Kitchen ASAP

Photographed By Alexandra Gavillet.
Someone, somewhere made spring cleaning a thing — but what about the other seasons? If warmer weather represents a time when floors should be washed, shelves dusted, and trinkets regulated, then what about those colder times? Well, we've officially decided to designate winter as the season of kitchen purging. Because after all that holiday hoarding, your fridges and cupboards may be looking more than a little overstuffed with half-eaten and stale boxes of who knows what?
It only makes sense to cut back on your pantry clutter during wintertime since these are our prime hibernation months and freshly-stocked edible essentials are key. So why not make some extra room? It's high time to get rid of all that crap you just haven't used — and tbh, probably never will. Join us ahead in saying farewell to the ten items in your kitchen that you need to kiss goodbye, NOW.

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